Www. Pointclickcare CNA allows you to measure marketing efforts through its referral management solution. Calls and activities can be tracked and reports generated to increase usage. It is also possible to test the functionality of CRM, perform pre-admission proficiency tests, and verify warranty claims as well.


PointClickCare CNA also focuses on the financial aspects of your long-term care organization, with accounting functions for single and multi-site assignments, billing, accounts receivable management, and even maintenance or warehouse management. Finally, PointClickCare offers a CRM-like interface to manage referrals, resident accounts, authorization checks, and more.

Troubleshooting Guide

  • Here is the official Pointclickcare login link. You will be able to continue reading the guide and follow the troubleshooting steps if necessary after clicking on the link.
  • Just login using your credentials. This information must have been given to you by Pointclickcare Login Portal Login, either at the time of signing up or by your authority with Pointclickcare Login Portal Login.
  • You should now see “Successfully logged in” in your e-mail inbox. You are currently logged in successfully to the Pointclickcare Login Portal.

Types of Login Error

  • They are unable to establish a connection to the user’s database. This could be because the code organization that you are using is incorrect.
  • Invalid username or password – You can enter an invalid username or password. Please check again for Point Of Care CNA.
  • You cannot log in from your current location of “”. You may attempt to access your PointClickCare CNA account from a site that your PointClickCare CNA system administrator has not approved. Check Admin »Settings» Plant IP address mask.
  • Your registration has been blocked. You may have violated the PointClickCare user’s rights. Contact your administrator to access your PointClickCare CNA account online.
  • The maximum number of connection attempts to this IP address has been exceeded. Wait at least 5 to 15 minutes to try again.