PointClickCare, a cloud-based software provider for long-term and after-care (LTPAC) and senior housing, has launched a new mobile app called PointClickCare Companion. The new mobile app leverages the powerful design capabilities of iOS to change the way savvy healthcare providers track and manage the delivery and documentation of care, drugs, and billing.


PointClickCare CNA is an organization that provides senior healthcare solutions with new technologies to enrich the aged care system. They are one of the largest cloud-based platforms that support elderly care providers in the LTPAC market. Learn about the complete PointClickCare application process for all platforms.

PointClickCare also focuses on the financial aspects of your healthcare organization, with accounting functions for single or multiple user assignments, billing, customer account management, or even maintenance or deposit management. Finally, PointClickCare offers a CRM-like interface to manage referrals, resident accounts, authorization exams, etc.

PointClickCare CNA Features

Www. Pointclickcare / CNA makes it easy to manage workflow, monitor patient compliance remotely, improve patient care, review physician progress, and much more. It also offers nutrition and medication management, text messaging, and more.

Www. Pointclickcare / CNA allows you to assess marketing activities thanks to its recommendation management solution. Reports are generated by tracking calls and activities to make better business decisions. Among the functions performed are CRM, registration, and insurance reviews.


One of its most special functions is the care management module. This module is designed for healthcare teams to help them prioritize the care of their patients. This easy-to-use feature bundles other options, including medication management, point of care (POC), skin and wounds, nutrition management, professional participation, and safe conversations.

Another notable feature is the business analytics module. The module offers many reliable functions, including; Reporting, PointClickCare analytics, tracking analytics, and MDB analytics. In addition, the software provides an easy-to-use dashboard with a real-time to-do list and notifications that allow users to take immediate action to resolve the most pressing maintenance issues.